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Hi, I'm LaDaena

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LaDaena has worked in information technology project management for over 20 years with a focus in healthcare and telecommunications. She was an avid supporter of pee wee football, basketball, and tee-
ball for Inglewood Park and Recreations in Inglewood, CA and in Rialto, CA from 2007 to 2017.

LaDaena also worked at Health Care Dual Diagnosis as a counselor for at-risk youth, developing and implementing substance abuse, anti-gang, and tutoring programs for Los Angeles Unified School District.
She currently sits on the board of Phenomenal Women of Delaware and actively participates in developing community programs for the youth and elderly within the Dunleith, Delaware Community.


Currently, LaDaena Thomas is in the fourth year of her first term as Mayor of Penns Grove, NJ. She was elected in November of 2019, defeating a twenty year incumbent. In doing so, she became Penns Grove’s first Female Mayor and the first African American woman to be elected mayor in Salem County.

As mayor, LaDaena has accomplished what many are calling remarkable. She inherited a stagnant community deep in debt. Relying heavily upon her team building experience, she quickly brought elements of the community together. She forged a strong relationship with the State of New Jersey and collaborated with State Officials on a Recovery Plan. Because of the work that she and her administration did in the first half of 2021, the state of New Jersey awarded Penns Grove more than 1 million dollars for various projects, such as Park Revitalization, demolition of abandoned properties, Covid relief, and transitional aid. She has focused on the youth of Penns Grove, providing programs and engaging them whenever possible.

LaDaena also focused her attention on the Borough’s Police Department, changing the leadership structure,
increasing membership, attracting quality officers, providing new and updated equipment, new vehicles, new tasers, new rifles and new radios all aimed toward providing the best service possible for the community.

Through her leadership, the Borough of Penns Grove has been progressing. She has been laser focused on making Penns grove better for its residents. A recent auction of abandoned properties brought nearly a million dollars. The Borough has also received Grants for the renovation of a Community Center. Her efforts
did not go unnoticed---in 2022, the Governor provided nearly two million dollars in funding for Borough projects.

LaDaena Thomas leans heavily upon her faith and sees her actions as part of Gods plan to improve the lives of his people. “I have been blessed throughout my life and I realize that to whom much is given, much is required.” She looks forward to creating strong communities through inspiring both young and old to reach their full potential.


Equality Meets Opportunity

Dear Sponsor,

For 4 years, LaDaena Thomas has served as Penns Grove’s
first woman mayor.

This November 7, 2023, election is the most important
election yet. With your help, LaDaena can win as an
independent again and serve a second term. This year we
are hosting a fundraiser for her political campaign for the
first time since she’s been involved in politics. And we want
your support. Please join us and our friends on February
18th at the wonderful new Maria's by DiPaolo's Banquet
Hall. The event is catered by the legendary and best Italian
restaurant in the region -DiPaolo's.

Politics isn't the goal, it's a tool. For over 3 years, as mayor,
LaDaena has led a challenged town through a series of
crises. She has helped raise more money for Penns Grove
government in three years than has been raised in the
previous 20 years.

Join us this year as we prepare for LaDaena’s re-election.
This is the first fundraiser to support her campaign. As a
political independent, she doesn't have the comfort of a
large political party that host fundraisers over $2,000. With
your donation, we will be able to run a positive campaign
that is focused on the people of our community and how we
move forward as a great place to live.

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